Seattle Seahawks Roster Cuts: Michael Robinson, Antoine Winfield let go

By Todd Pheifer
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks are making some tough choices along with the rest of the NFL. You could argue that everyone has to make difficult decisions this time of year, but when you have high expectations and a talented roster, there is little room for error.

Some of the cuts will be expected. Others will generate a little surprise. Some will not be a shock, but will be disappointing anyway.

Let’s start with Michael Robinson, who has been a popular fullback with the ‘Hawks for the past three seasons. No more setting the table for Marshawn Lynch. No more Real Rob Report. Fans are going to be sad to see Robinson go, as he was a popular player that played a tough and sometimes thankless position.

Unfortunately for Robinson, being 30-years old and expensive is not a good combination in the NFL. Robinson wasn’t ridiculously overpaid and he probably could have maintained his production this year. However, this is where the business takes over and teams have to say goodbye to good players. The presence of Spencer Ware apparently made Robinson expendable.

The cutting of Antoine Winfield is a bit of a surprise, but not a complete shock. When he was signed, Winfield was one of those guys that solicited the standard, “That’s a good pickup for Seattle, if…” In this case, the “if” was a general question as to whether Winfield could compete with a deep (and much younger) stable of secondary players in Seattle.

Apparently not.

Whether these cuts will come back to bite Seattle is anyone’s guess, but it appears that Pete Carroll and John Schneider found them to be necessary. So long, Mr. Robinson. We’ll miss you. So long, Mr. Winfield. We didn’t get to know you very well. Hope you land on your feet.

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