Who Has Trade Value on The Philadelphia Eagles Roster?

By Sonny Bryan
Clay Harbor
Kim Klement- USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles will be getting closer to their 53-man roster as the deadline approaches today at 6 p.m. However, there may be some players that have trade value that the Eagles might look further into. Even though I don’t expect the Eagles to trade anyone, it’s still interesting to see what the Eagles may have to offer

Usually when you look at situations like this, you look at what position the Eagles have a lot of depth in and that’s tight end and quarterback. At tight end, the Eagles can offer Clay Harbor to a team in need of a tight end and at quarterback the Eagles can offer Nick Foles. I highly doubt the Eagles would trade Foles or even consider trading Foles, but if a team offers the Eagles an offer they can’t refuse, then they must pull the trigger.

Harbor, if he’s not cut today, can be a backup on another team. He offers versatility and can do a little bit of everything. He was never really able to shine while Andy Reid was in charge in Philadelphia, but he always seemed to be a solid backup behind Brent Celek. However, now with the signing of James Casey and the drafting of Zach Ertz, Harbor looks to be at the bottom of the depth chart on this team and is unlikely to see too much action this season. Trading him may be a possibility and I think it would be in Harbor’s best interest to do so since he knows where he stands on the depth chart.

Now the possibility of Foles being traded is very slim. It seems like the Eagles are being cautious of Michael Vick knowing his durability issues. As we all know, Vick is constantly getting hurt and seems like he can never finish a regular season, so keeping Foles is definitely a smart decision. However, if a team wanted Foles that badly, which is hard to believe considering this time of year if very hard for a quarterback to learn a new playbook, and offered the Eagles a lot for him than by all means take it.

Harbor and Foles seem like the only people with trade value on this team. The Eagles are also deep at running back as well, but Chip Kelly will pound the rock this season and there’s no reason for the Eagles to trade any of them. However, never say never in the NFL and it should be interesting to see if any trades go down.


Sonny Bryan is a Philadelphia Eagles writer for RantSports.com. Follow him on Twitter @SonnyBryan50

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