Danny Watkins Never Brought That "Canadian Style" To The Philadelphia Eagles

By Joseph Hickman
Howie Roseman Philadelphia Eagles
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

I will never forget the day when the Philadelphia Eagles drafted the “30-year-old lineman” out of Baylor.  Fine, Danny Watkins wasn’t 30-years old, he was 26. You get my point.  He just had that like-able factor even with his age situation. He seemed like an average “Joe”, that some how was just good at football. I love the part when he brought the fire fighters with him to the draft.

When the Eagles drafted Watkins (23d overall in the 2011) they thought they were getting a tough-guy Canadian, and a guy who loves being a fire-fighter. I mean, you would think that when you’re getting a player from Canada (hockey mentality) and a guy who is willing to put his life on the line for a stranger by running into burning houses would be a tough S.O.B.  Not so much…

I mean, we never saw that personality. Eagles general manager Howie Roseman spoke to reporters shortly after releasing Watkins. Roseman talking to Philly.com:

“Part of his personality, and you talk about him being a firefighter, is that he feels like he has to help save people. He put a lot of pressure on himself and he couldn’t just go out and play.”

“When you watched Danny play, the toughness, the hockey-playing aspect of him never translated to Philadelphia. You felt like you were getting an enforcer.”

Well, damn. I feel like I am reading a transcript from the Philadelphia Flyers. Ed Snider would have loved this dude in college. So in the end, Watkins is rumored not to be in love with football. This may be true or not true.  It could be the fact that he loves  fire-fighting and that he just likes football. With the story of him being involved in a fire fight last year, this seems to be true. Danny, you have plenty of time for that now, my man.

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