Tim Tebow Had Chance to Learn From The Best Before Getting Cut By New England Patriots

By christopherbrown
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When I was young I narrowed my future endeavors to fighting fire and fighting crime. Then one day I realized that what I really wanted was to be a hero, and what better role model than Superman for me to aspire to be. Yet, I recognized my first order of business was to learn to fly. One second floor window and a sprained ankle later prompted my first of many career changes.

Former two-time University of Florida NCAA National Champion Tim Tebow was equally dedicated to a career as an NFL quarterback, but there one was problem; being a quarterback in the NFL requires throwing the football, preferably with a spiral. Tebow was arguably the greatest college football player ever. His Saturday afternoon heroics awarded him a Heisman Trophy in 2007 and SEC records for passing efficiency and rushing yards for a quarterback. But as he stood at the NFL alter on draft day, the many objections were drowned out by massive supporters of his image.

The Denver Broncos drafted Tebow in the first round. Yet, before he arrived at baggage claim, they were looking for any position other than behind center to utilize the athletic star of “Tebow Mania”. The Broncos bought in quarterback gurus who brought in contractors who attempted to totally rebuild his throwing motion. NFL analysts criticized the Broncos’ decision to draft a project, at best, in the first round. Tebow supporters questioned why completing a pass down field was so important in the grand scene of football.

The Broncos drafting Tebow was a marketing coo that turned into a social media war versus mainstream media. Tebow was slated as the Broncos’ third string quarterback much to the chagrin of football fans that weren’t as interested in winning as they were seeing the guy they would most like their kids to be like get a chance to play.  “Tebow” chants got louder by the week until injuries  gave the the fans what they wanted and the organization a pass. Tebow was now on the field playing quarterback . The rookie struggled early in games, missing wide open receivers by zip codes, but achieved several 4th quarter comebacks by abandoning convention and putting points on the board however he could. The Broncos won seven out of eight games including  a first round playoff victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Tebow was winning, although he was still a liability as a passer. Their season ended after a loss to the New England Patriots. The Broncos signed all-world quarterback Peyton Manning and traded Tebow to the New York Jets, but the change of scenery didn’t change his mechanics. He saw little time on the field and a lot of the clipboard.  By season’s end, Tebow was a free-agent and projected by many to be closer to a play-by-play booth than another team.

The Patriots signed Tebow this offseason. Some speculated that the genius of head coach Bill Belichick and the sensationalism of quarterback Tom Brady would either humble Tebow into playing tight end or make him into  a better quarterback. Tebow, determined to play behind center, was cut by the Patriots after their preseason win against the New York Giants.

Hopefully this brings an end to the debate.  If  there was any team in the league that could find a way to make the critics sudden believers in Tebow, it would have been the team that won three Super Bowls with a guy that hasn’t started since his days in high school.

Tebow says he won’t end his quest of being a productive quarterback at the NFL level. Unfortunately, the NFL rarely rewards determination. But the New England experiment may at least lighten the bandwagon, which will allow Tebow to be evaluated by performance without the threat of social anarchy if his 32 percent passing completion doesn’t make the cut.

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