NFL Debate: Adrian Peterson Will Make Good on 2,500 Yard Promise

By Dom DeCarlo
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Since he was in his high school playing days at Palestine High School in Texas, Adrian Peterson has been defying the odds. Even while in high school, many people thought that Peterson could be an exception to the rule and go straight to the NFL instead of playing college football. After falling short of the Heisman Trophy to winner Matt Leinart (Yeah, that was a while ago!) and falling short in breaking the University of Oklahoma‘s rushing record by 73 yards due to an injury to his collarbone, one would say that Peterson was destined to have bad luck the rest of his NFL career. I mean, the guy was even picked seventh in the 2007 NFL Draft.  That was six spots behind number one pick JaMarcus Russell! Six teams in the NFL did not believe in the man that they now refer to as “All Day” and “A. P.”

Since his day in the draft, all Peterson has done has been to defy the odds every chance he has gotten to do so. Peterson has rushed for 10 touchdowns or more in every season he has played. He has also rushed for over 1,000 yards in every season besides one (the one was due to a season ending injury). Many experts believed that Peterson would come back nowhere near the top of his game after tearing both his ACL and MCL. What did A.P. do as a come back? Oh, he just came nine yards short of breaking Eric Dickerson’s single season rushing mark and won the MVP award.

What does Peterson want to do for an encore? In a sit down with SportsCenter’s “Sunday Conversation,” A.P. said that he will “definitely” break Eric Dickerson’s record this season. Now, many people believe that there is no way that this could be done in back-to-back seasons. However, for all of you doubters, I present you with these facts.

Last season, Peterson was rehabbing from a terrible injury to his leg during the offseason. Many people would have not been able to walk, let alone run and cut the way he does. Nevertheless, Peterson came back to start the season quicker than anyone else has ever come back from that type of injury and came within nine yards of the mark. What type of shape do you think Peterson will be in this season with an entire offseason to work out to his standards? The answer of course is better than last year during his MVP season.

Last season, everyone knew that the Minnesota Vikings were going run the ball with Peterson. Knowing that, could they stop him? Not really. Yes, Peterson had six games where he did not reach the 100 yard rushing mark and five of those six games came in the first six weeks of the season. That means the last 10 weeks of the season was when he really pushed for the record. Ten healthy weeks and he almost broke the single season rushing record! Everyone knew he would get the ball and yet no one could stop him. Does everyone know that Peterson will be the focal point of the Vikings offense? Yes. Will they be able to stop him? Not a chance!

Adrian Peterson has spent his entire career trying to prove that he is the best. He was passed over by players like Matt Leinart for the Heisman Trophy and JaMarcus Russell for being the number one pick in the draft. All of these times when people told him he wasn’t good enough to win an award or he wasn’t good enough to be taking first overall, all they did was motivate the man to do more and more. Reminds you a little of a man by the name of Walter Payton, doesn’t he? In 2013, Adrian Peterson WILL break Eric Dickerson’s single season record. Oh, and Emmitt Smith, watch out, because your record will be next!

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