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5 Houston Texans Roster Cut Survivors Who Should Have Gotten the Ax

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Who Should Have Been Cut?

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Another preseason and training camp are in the books and the 2013 Houston Texans are ready to get the regular season underway. The roster is down to 53 and the depth chart is set. But there are some roster decisions that are still generating some debate.

For the record, I'm quite content with the final roster and believe that depth at each position was sorted out evenly. But just for the sake of argument, did everyone that deserve to get a spot get one? Did everyone that got one deserve it?

There is always going to be a guy or two that is the whipping boy of every final roster to its fans, but after a decade of misery or mediocrity or both, Houston fans don't usually harp too much on the last few spots on the final 53-man.

However, with some tough choices made in which draft picks and veterans lost their spots to younger, higher ceiling undrafted free agents, there are going to be a few grumbles. The statement "he went undrafted for a reason" is still every bit as popular as it used to be.

For every guy that the average fan thinks will be the biggest hidden gem of the draft, there is another that believes the team will rue the day they cut a different player to allow for potential and upside.

With this in mind, let us take a look over the final 53 and see if there are five guys that you'd be willing to part with under ideal circumstances.

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5. Cody White

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Cody White was probably the biggest surprise of the survivors because he didn't have a good preseason and the team is pretty loaded on the offensive line. If he isn't the casualty once Antonio Smith returns from his one game suspension, it would be the only thing more surprising.

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4. Brandon Harris

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The only reason that Brandon Harris is still around is because of his ability to be an emergency safety and the lack of depth at the cornerback position. If he wasn't a second-round draft pick, I'm of the opinion that the team would have given up on him by now. He gets beat in coverage, blows tackles and gets penalized every other play.

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3. Shiloh Keo


Most Texans fans agree that if Shiloh Keo sees significant time on the field as a starting safety for even one series this season, it is an embarrassment. If ever there was a special teams-only player, it is him. He might be the least athletic safety in the league right now and he might not be able to run down a punter. The uncertainty about Ed Reed's return are what kept him as a roster lock.

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2. Tim Dobbins


From the moment that Tim Dobbins decided to no show for organized team activities, his attitude has just seemed like that of one who doesn't care. I'm not much of a body language guy, but he just doesn't seem like the same player as the past two seasons. If the team is serious about keeping Justin Tuggle around, Dobbins could still see the ax.

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1. T.J. Yates


Ah, the controversial cut. It seems as if we went without it this season. But the reason I'm going with T.J. Yates over Case Keenum here is because he's under team control for longer. I think they're both pretty even in their abilities, but they want Keenum to be the new backup to Schaub when Yates leaves in free agency.

The team and their title hopes are gone if Matt Schaub goes down, so it doesn't matter who backs him up. Therefore, it is pointless to carry three quarterbacks on this roster ... period. The only thing I can see is that they think they can get some sort of draft compensation for one, but that'd be remarkable.