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Buffalo Bills Projected Record for 2013

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Doug Marrone Will Turn the Buffalo Bills Around This Season

Doug Marrone
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For all of you Buffalo Bills fans out there, the past decade must have been difficult. Watching season after season as your team finished near the bottom. Let’s face it, as football fans, your team is your pride and joy, no matter what their record is. Well, this year, you have some hope. The Bills drafted Florida State Seminole’s star quarterback, E.J. Manual hoping he could provide the spark that this offense has been missing. If Manual can ignite the passing game and C.J. Spiller can carry the load on the ground, this offense has the potential to be electrifying.

On the defensive side of the ball, defensive end Mario Williams has the ability to be a quarterback’s worst nightmare. If he can wreak havoc in the backfield this season, the Bills’ defense will keep opposing offenses out of the backfield.

This season, Buffalo has the easiest schedule of all of the teams in the AFC east. If that doesn’t give you Bills fans some hope, then consider the conditions of the other teams in their division. Obviously, the New England Patriots are an exceptional team but they are going to be without both of their leading pass catchers from last season. I think the Patriots are still going to manage to finish atop the AFC East, but they will struggle this season.

The New York Jets’ quarterback controversy has found a way to continue to this season. Until they can solve this issue, I don’t think they are going to be a factor.

The Miami Dolphins are still rebuilding. They spent a ton of money in the offseason to bring in big name free agents and they finally found a quarterback they like. They have the potential to make some noise in the division this year.

Let’s take a look at my projected outcome for the Bills this season.

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Buffalo Bills vs New England Patriots (2 Games)

Bills vs. Patriots
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The Bills will see the Patriots in the first game of their season as well as the last game of their season. I truly believe that Buffalo has upgraded their team from last season. I am going to go out on a limb and say that that they split the series this year. I’m going to go even further and say that the Buffalo pulls out an upset in Week 1. I’m looking for C.J. Spiller to gash the Patriots’ defense for a huge game on the ground. E.J. Manuel will keep the Patriots guessing, with his ability to scramble from the pocket. The season finale won’t be so easy for the Bills though. I’m putting the Bills at 1-1 for the season against the Patriots.

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Buffalo Bills vs Carolina Panthers

Bills vs. Panthers
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If the Bills’ defensive line can contain Cam Newton and make him pass the ball, I think they can come out of this game with a win. Carolina does have a decent running game, but I don’t think that DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart can carry this team on their backs. Keeping Newton in the pocket will be the key to the Bills victory in this one. That’s right, I’m predicting the Bills will be undefeated after the second week.

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Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets (2 Games)

Bills vs. Jets
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The New York Jets are in turmoil. They have had a quarterback controversy for the past two seasons and head coach Rex Ryan insists that Mark Sanchez is the best man for the job. Sanchez is a mediocre quarterback at best. I’m not expecting anything from the Jets until they resolve this controversy. The Bills will take both games against the Jets.

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Buffalo Bills vs Baltimore Ravens

Bills vs. Ravens
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The Baltimore Ravens have a very talented offense. They can scorch opponents through the air and wear them down with the running game. I don’t think the Bills will keep up with the Ravens offense. Baltimore will win this one.

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Buffalo Bills vs Cleveland Browns

Bills vs. Browns
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The Cleveland Browns have a talented young team. They are going to be excellent in a few years, but this season will be much of the same for Cleveland. I’m looking for the Bills to walk away with the victory in this one.

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Buffalo Bills vs Cincinnati Bengals

Bills vs. Bengals
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A.J. Green is a devastating receiver and I’m expecting him to have a stellar game against the Bills. Andy Dalton will connect with him for multiple scores in what will eventually turn out to be a loss for Buffalo.

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Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphins (2 Games)

Bills vs. Dolphins
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The Miami Dolphins are in rebuilding mode. They have finally found a decent young quarterback. They spent a ton of money in free agency adding receiver Mike Wallace but they lost Reggie Bush who was a key contributor to this offense. I’m predicting the Bills edge out victories in both meetings.

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Buffalo Bills vs New Orleans Saints

Bills vs. Saints
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This one goes to the New Orleans Saints. Drew Brees is too efficient to think otherwise. I’m not saying the Bills won’t put up a fight, but whatever they do won’t be enough.

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Buffalo Bills vs Kansas City Chiefs

Bills vs. Chiefs
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Andy Reid and Alex Smith are going to change the fortunes for the Kansas City Chiefs. I’m expecting the Chiefs to be one of the surprises in the NFL this year. Alex Smith is going to have an outstanding game in the win over Buffalo.

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Buffalo Bills vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Bills vs. Steelers
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The Pittsburgh Steelers had a difficult year last year. I think they are going to turn it around in 2013. Ben Roethlisberger is going to lead the Steelers to victory in this one.

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Buffalo Bills vs Atlanta Falcons

Bills vs. Falcons
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No question, this game goes to the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons were a playoff team last year and I expect the same this year. I’m sorry Bills fans, this one is a lock.

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Buffalo Bills vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bills vs. Buccaneers
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I am thinking that at some point this season, Josh Freeman is going to be benched and Mike Glennon is going to take over at quarterback. I’m not expecting too much from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this season either. The Bills will go home with a win.

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Buffalo Bills vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Bills vs. Jaguars
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Buffalo will win this one with ease. The Jacksonville Jaguars are going to struggle passing the ball all season long so they are going to have to rely on Maurice Jones Drew to carry the team. I don’t think he can carry this team for the entire year.

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E.J. Manuel
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In his first season as head coach, Doug Marrone will lead this team to a 9-and-7 season. The Bills have had talent for a few seasons now; they just needed a quarterback to lead this offense. I think Manuel is the guy that’s going to help turn this team around.