ESPN Makes Awful Prediction; Calling for Philadelphia Eagles to Get Shutout 41-0 in Week 1

By Joe Doris
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN has made a very odd, seemingly idiotic prediction in their annual NFL preview for the 2013 season, as they are calling for the Philadelphia Eagles, and brand new head coach Chip Kelly, to get shutout 41-0 in their Week 1 Monday night match-up with the Washington Redskins.

Wait. What?

Kelly has become a nation-wide icon as the innovator and mastermind behind a genius spread offensive system that relies heavily on supreme athleticism, endless agility and a no-huddle, high-octane, go-go-go style of play-calling.

So after Kelly was not shutout one time, ever, as the head coach of the Oregon Ducks, why in the world is ESPN making such a bold, bone-headed prediction?

You could argue that they printed this ridiculous foresight in an attempt to sell magazines, or generate shock value, but I don’t think the world-wide leader in sports really needs any help on that front. There is a better chance that ESPN writers are just trying to make a statement; implying that they do not believe Kelly’s offensive style will translate successfully into the NFL.

With a revamped, newly focused QB Michael Vick behind center and ready to prove the haters wrong, I will make my own prediction and say that the vet will be responsible for at least two passing touchdowns (with one going to WR DeSean Jackson). And I will also predict that former All-Pro RB LeSean McCoy will add a touchdown on the ground against the Redskins, while also rushing for 100+ yards.

While I fully expect Redskins franchise man-crush-of-a QB Robert Griffin III to dazzle us with his speed and escapability, I am calling for Vick to take home the W.

41-0? Really, ESPN? Just stop.

Eagles vs. Redskins Week 1 Prediction: Birds top ‘Skins 34-21.


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