Is it Finally Time for the New York Jets to Cut Mark Sanchez?

By Andrew Fisher
Mark Sanchez
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If you look up the term ‘awful mess’ in the football dictionary, the New York Jets‘ quarterback situation would be used as an example. I mean, this thing is beyond comical at this point. After the signing of Brady Quinn over the weekend, a new wrinkle has been added to the mix and it has Jets’ fans as confused as ever.

You knew it was bad when Mark Sanchez was clearly Rex Ryan‘s choice to start the season. However, those plans were derailed when Sanchez suffered a bruised shoulder in the team’s third preseason game. It was initially thought Sanchez could return in time for week one, but the latest reports indicate that he could still be out several more weeks. This is leading most people to believe that rookie Geno Smith will get the nod in the team’s opener (can you say – getting thrown to the wolves?).

So with the future of the franchise (in theory) getting his chance from the get-go, and Quinn penciling in as the team’s backup – is there still a point to having Sanchez on the roster?

Word on the internet is that the Jets still haven’t ruled out cutting the Sanchize, even though he’s owed $8.25 million. Regardless of whether or not he steps on the field this year, New York has to pay him. So I’m wondering, if Sanchez won’t be physically able to perform for a few weeks – what’s the point of keeping him on the roster? If the Jets really believe that they’re going to compete for a playoff spot this year, then I guess I would understand the logic of keeping him on board. But anyone who’s watched this team in the last year, knows that the playoffs are not a reality for the 2013 Jets.

So at this point, why not just cut Sanchez and move on once and for all? It would be a different story if he wasn’t hurt, but by the time he returns, I’m willing to bet New York will already be in a sizable hole. Cutting him will just make things easier for Smith and if push comes to shove, they can always play Quinn. Sanchez is not any better than Quinn, so what’s the difference? The Jets would benefit greatly from just moving on from the Sanchize and riding their rookie QB as far as possible this season.


Signing Brady Quinn Was Pointless Move by Jets


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