Jacksonville Jaguars Remain Only Realistic Option for Tim Tebow in NFL

By Andrew Fisher
Tim Tebow
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Speculation is running rampant (on some networks) as to what’s next in Tim Tebow‘s football career. The popular quarterback was of course released by the New England Patriots over the weekend and now his NFL future is looking very bleak. The Pats were the only team to even give him a chance this offseason to make a roster and he didn’t really show anything during his time in the preseason that’s going to persuade other teams to give him shot.

Some people think the CFL could be in Tebow’s future, but I’m not one of them. Quarterbacks in the CFL need strong, accurate arms to be able to throw across the larger field (110 x 65 vs. 100 x 53.5). A bigger field is the last thing the lefty-QB needs.

Then of course you have the possibility of the Arena League. An AFL team would most certainly welcome the popular QB with open arms, but I highly doubt Tebow would go for that. Even after all of his struggles the last couple years, he remains steadfast that he’s going to be an NFL QB. You have to respective his determination, but how realistic are his dreams at this point? Not very.

However, there’s one team that still makes sense – the Jacksonville Jaguars. Tebow is of course from the Jacksonville area and talk of the Jaguars acquiring him has taken place in the past. To this point, the team has passed on the local hero, but I’m not sold that will be the case moving forward.

The Jaguars are preparing for another uncertain season at the QB position. Blaine Gabbert has to be down to his last chance as the team’s starter and backup Chad Henne is clearly not their signal-caller of the future. Odds are, Jacksonville will be looking for a new QB in 2014. You’d think they’d look to the draft first, but if they’re unable to secure a franchise QB via that route – why not bring in Tebow?

If nothing else, he would make the team instantly more popular, which would of course mean more money and fans in seats for the struggling franchise. The team would have to tailor its offense to fit Tebow’s skill set, but what would they have to lose if 2013 ends up being another woeful campaign?

It’s just a hypothetical scenario, but other than the Jaguars, who would make sense for Tebow?


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