New England Patriots Don't Rule Out Comeback For Tim Tebow

By Matthew Solomon
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

During his time in the NFL, quarterback Tim Tebow has certainly left an impression on the game. Tebow had a great career with the Florida Gators in college, winning the Heisman Trophy in 2007. Coming out of college, it looked as if Tebow was going to have a good career in the pros. During the 2010 NFL draft, the Denver Broncos took the chance on him, taking him with their 25th pick that year.  Tebow had two decent years in Denver, leading them to a playoff victory in 2011. Then it seemed to all fall apart for him. In 2012 he had little impact on the New York Jets, after being traded to there that offseason. Then the Jets let him go and he signed on with the New England Patriots before training camp started this year. The experiment didn’t really work out, as Tebow was let go by the Patriots on final cut down.

Is this the end of Tebow’s NFL career? Could he be back with the Patriots this season? It hasn’t really been ruled out yet. Patriots coach Bill Belichick, on Monday, declined to rule out bringing back the popular but under-performing quarterback some time this season, noting that it’s not uncommon for him to re-sign a player he’s already cut. It has happened before, so it’s not a totally far off idea. Tebow was released Saturday when NFL teams were required to cut their rosters to 53 players. During training camp, Tebow was 11-for-30 for 145 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions in three exhibition games. Those numbers aren’t too bad, but considering this is a guy who has won a Heisman Trophy and gotten a team into the playoffs before in the NFL, it’s a little sad. We all know that Tebow hasn’t really been able to fully adjust to playing in the NFL. It seemed to work okay for Tebow while playing for the Broncos, but it has gone downhill since all because he really can’t seem to get adjusted to playing in the pros. Sure he had that one good year, but teams have picked up on how he plays and Tebow never showed me he could adjust to the changes.

Now, is there a chance he could be back in the NFL, either with the Patriots or somebody else? Sure there is. Say, for argument’s sake, a quarterback gets injured and a team really needs a guy under center. Then Tebow will probably be on speed dial. As far as his run with the Patriots goes, Tebow still has that option there. I highly doubt anything is going to happen to Tom Brady, but stranger things have happened. And Belichick is known as sort of a mad scientist type of coach, so something still could come up.

Tebow’s career may be on hold for the moment, but there is still the option for him to play again with either the Patriots or some other team in the league.

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