5 NFL Teams That Could Still Call on Tim Tebow in 2013

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5 NFL Teams That Could Still Pursue Tim Tebow

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Ever since Tim Tebow was drafted by the Denver Broncos with the 25th pick of the 2010 NFL Draft he has been an cultural enigma. People that love him point to the fact that he was so great in college football, won games when given a chance to start in the NFL with the Broncos in 2011 and is a great role model. Meanwhile, his detractors point out that he has a throwing motion that hurts the eyes just to look at, is too out there with his faith and is generally just getting chances at this point because he is a good guy. This difference in opinion has created entertaining and sometimes heated discussions amongst fans about Tebow's football ability.

But what makes the Tebow conversation even more fascinating than fan discussion is that teams around the NFL cannot seem to decide which side of the argument they sit on either. The Broncos appeared to love Tebow and the magic that he brought in 2011 until Peyton Manning suddenly became available and they decided to ship Tebow off to the New York Jets. The Jets seemed to be unable to decide what to do with Tebow, trying him on special teams, fiddling with using him in a wildcat formation in practice, but never truly trusting him in games and releasing him after the 2012 season. Then finally the New England Patriots let him come to training camp this year on a non-guaranteed contract, giving him a chance to make their roster. Patriots owner Robert Kraft even threw his public support behind Tebow making the team, but apparently head coach Bill Belichick had differing opinions as he cut him at the end of training camp.

After watching the Broncos, Jets and Patriots part ways with Tebow after such brief periods it is becoming much harder for any team to justify bringing him onto their roster. But with a certain sect believing that Tebow can still be productive in the NFL we may still see some organizations come crawling back to him in 2013 to either compete for a quarterback job or just to fill seats in their stadium.

We have identified the five teams that are most likely to come to Tebow with a job offer in 2013. Enjoy!

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5.Tennessee Titans

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With the two quarterbacks-Jake Locker and Ryan Fitzpatrick- that have never been above average sitting on top of their depth chart, the Tennessee Titans' season appears to be on the way to a dreadful record. If anyone knows this it is surely the Titans ownership, and at some point it would at least be entertaining to try something new. Tebow would be something new and would definitely bring an entertainment value to the franchise that has been lost since Chris Johnson forgot how to rush the ball.

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4.Philadelphia Eagles

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With player's going down like flies because of the physical demands that new Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly's spread offense requires, this team may just need bodies by the end of the season. Tebow has always proved to be durable and could actually be a fit under center in the spread offense that Kelly runs. And even if he wasn't a success on the field it would at least give Eagles fans someone else to boo, which we know they love to do.

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3.Oakland Raiders

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The Oakland Raiders have been known as an organization to make off the wall signings and trades in the past, so Tebow would seem to fit right in. And really there are no expectations on the field for this team, so it would make sense to at least give Tebow a chance to prove that he is better than Terrelle Pryor.

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2.Buffalo Bills

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The Buffalo Bills would be a perfect fit for Tebow because of their willingness to go for the money at any cost, as they have done by playing games in Canada in recent seasons. If that doesn't show ownership is not afraid to make risky decisions that could alienate part of their fan base then I don't know what will. And on the field Tebow wouldn't hurt as this year already appears to be a throw away season with rookie E.J. Manuel being the starting quarterback and his backup currently being undrafted rookie Jeff Tuel.

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1.Jacksonville Jaguars

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The Jacksonville Jaguars have long been a rumored destination for Tebow because of their proximity to the University of Florida, where Tebow went to college. He is still immensely popular in the area and would surely be a draw for a Jaguars team that has failed to fill their stadium in recent seasons. Besides, with Blaine Gabbert the man behind center right now, the Jaguars' quarterback situation couldn't get much worse with Tebow starting. Could it?