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5 Reasons Why the The New York Jets Will Suck in 2013

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New York Jets: 5 Reasons Why Your Favorite Team Will Suck in 2013

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Going into the 2013 season, there is not much reason to believe the New York Jets can be successful. They have young, inexperienced players all over the field, including rookie quarterback Geno Smith. Young, rebuilding teams rarely find success in the NFL, and the Jets don’t figure to break the mold.

If they are to be successful, the Jets are going to need their young players to develop extremely quickly. Some of them will, and players such as DeMario Davis and Kenrick Ellis appear ready for the starting roles they have been handed. Others, like Stephen Hill, are probably going to need more time.

The Jets are starting at least three rookies, and guard Brian Winters figures to make it four early in the season. There will inevitably be mental mistakes as these players learn the new system and adjust to the NFL game. It is up to the coaching staff to get them ready as quickly as possible and ensure they are prepared for the new challenges they will face.

However, the coaching staff is considered one of the Jets’ biggest problems by many observers, and Rex Ryan is already on the verge of being fired. There is no one on the Jets’ staff with a good track record of game management, and the mistakes made by the coaches at the end of games figure to cause problems.

Beyond that, there are huge questions about whether this staff is capable of developing a young quarterback. Smith is far from ready, so he will need constant coaching and explanation of his mistakes and how to fix them.

Clearly, the Jets have a lot of problems heading into this season. However, these are the five biggest, and they are the reasons that the Jets will have a rough year in 2013.

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5. Inexperience on Defense

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This season the Jets are breaking in six new starters on defense, five of whom have two or less years of experience. 1st round picks Dee Milliner and Sheldon Richardson have been starters since Day 1, but there is always a risk in starting rookies.

Milliner in particular has looked shaky in the preseason, a major problem considering how much Ryan’s defense demands of its cornerbacks. Richardson has been quiet in preseason, but the team needs him to be a disruptive force. Second year free safety Antonio Allen has also been unimpressive.

Davis is also taking over a starting job, but he will have growing pains as he learns to be a three down linebacker. Ellis and Quinton Coples have been injured, missing out on valuable reps as their roles change for this season. The defense is going to need time to gel and learn, and the Jets can’t afford that.

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4. No Proven Playmakers

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The lack of talent at the skill positions has been a major storyline for the Jets all offseason. However, the Jets don’t have a lack of talent, they have a lack of proven talent. Running back Chris Ivory, wide receiver Stephen Hill and tight end Jeff Cumberland have all shown flashes in their careers, but this year they are all being counted on to produce consistently.

Ivory will take over as the workhorse back, and he is backed up by young players Bilal Powell and Alex Green. None of these players have ever received anything close to starter’s carries, so there is concern about how they will handle their increased workload.

At receiver, Hill is expected to be the No. 1 receiver, but he must rid himself of his many mental mistakes. Jeremy Kerley is still developing as the slot receiver, and tight end Cumberland needs to become a more well-rounded player. That’s quite a few things that need to go right, and not all of them will.

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3. Lack of a Pass Rush

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The Jets had an anemic pass rush last season, ranking just 25th in the NFL in sacks. They attempted to address this problem by moving Coples to outside linebacker and signing Antwan Barnes, but that is not enough.

First of all, Coples is hurt, and he will miss at least the first two weeks of the season. This is costing him valuable reps that he needs to learn his new position, and it will leave him scrambling to catch up upon his return.

Beyond that, Barnes has really only had one season in his career where he was a strong pass rush threat, and there is little reason to think he can re-create that. Calvin Pace is the other starter, and his play has declined severely in recent seasons. The Jets will struggle to get to the quarterback, which sets their entire defense back quite a bit.

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2. Poor Coaching

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Personally, I believe that players are infinitely more important than coaches, but bad coaching decisions can still bring a team down. Starting with Ryan, his ability to manage an entire football team and handle end of game situations is questionable at best. He is a good defensive coordinator, but he leaves a lot to be desired as a head coach.

Ryan also repeatedly sticks with players who are “his guys” even though they have no right to be in the lineup. This year’s examples are Pace and guard Vladimir Ducasse. It is readily apparent to everyone except Ryan that these two players will be the weak links of their units.

Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg isn’t well-known for his ability to develop young quarterbacks, but that is exactly what he needs to do this season. He has to get Smith NFL-ready, but there is nothing in his background to make anyone think he can do that.

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1. Starting A Rookie QB Who Isn't Ready

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Let’s be very clear. The amazing seasons of Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson are the exception, not the rule. The vast majority of rookie quarterbacks have huge struggles upon entering the NFL, and to expect them to turn around their teams and lead them to the playoffs is completely unfair.

Smith is not as talented as those three, and he doesn’t have as strong a supporting cast either. His play in the preseason showed that he is nowhere close to ready to be an NFL starter, but Mark Sanchez’s injury has left the Jets no choice.

Smith will likely be extremely turnover prone, and the offense will have to keep things safe and simple for him to be successful. However, that approach will not win many games, and that is why Smith is the biggest reason the Jets are going to have a difficult 2013 season.

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