Brian Urlacher is Clearly Bitter Towards Chicago Bears After Claims About Fake Injuries

By Dan Parzych
Brian Urlacher
(Mark J. Rebilas/USA Today Sports)

If Brian Urlacher had it his way, he would be suiting up for the Chicago Bears on Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals, but the future Hall of Fame linebacker went in the path of retirement instead after the two parties failed to work out a new contract during the offseason–although the organization didn’t put that much effort into negotiations. Instead, Urlacher will be living the life of a broadcaster for the upcoming NFL season and after previously making comments about how he doesn’t want the Bears to win the Super Bowl–he’s apparently not afraid of discussing certain things from his playing days with the Bears that some would see as controversial.

Urlacher recently discussed how the Bears would fake injuries in order to slow down offenses and even had a specific “dive guy”–claiming that one of the assistants would motion a swimmer’s dive from the sidelines to make it happen. Obviously, this is nothing new in the NFL as numerous teams–including the New York Giants–have been accused of faking injuries over the years, but it’s a surprise to hear Urlacher calling out his former team like this.

With these type of comments, it’s clear Urlacher is still bitter towards the way things ended with his former team considering he hinted at the type of offer he was looking for and the Bears made the shocking move of just parting ways without even trying to negotiate. If Urlacher is telling the truth about Chicago faking injuries, but even if it was true–it’s not like any members of the organization are going to admit to doing so.

Either way, it will certainly be a strange feeling on Sunday when the Bears take the field and Urlacher isn’t in the lineup leading the defense.

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