Buffalo Bills Hoping E.J. Manuel Will Be Latest Rookie QB Star

By Andrew Fisher
E.J. Manuel
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The theme of Wednesday morning was no doubt the fact that two rookie quarterbacks got the nod to start in week one. Geno Smith and E.J. Manuel, the top two quarterbacks taken in this year’s draft, were both awarded starting gigs with their respective teams. It’s certainly debatable whether or not both players are ready, but due to injury-related circumstances, they’re getting thrown right into the ring of fire in week one.

As far as Manuel is concerned, he’ll be taking over a Buffalo Bills team that hasn’t made the playoffs since Doug Flutie was the quarterback in 1999. Many thought that veteran Kevin Kolb was better suited to lead the Bills at the start of the 2013 season, but another concussion has unfortunately put the rest of his career in doubt.

The other wrinkle to the Bills’ QB situation is the fact that Manuel has been out for a couple weeks after minor knee surgery. He’s missed out on lots of valuable time on account of it, and we all know how important experience is to QBs in the NFL. But at the same time, talent can take players a long way. The speedy rookie QB has plenty of natural talent and fans will have to hope that carries him through these first few games.

It’s a new age in the NFL. Rookie QBs are getting more playing time than ever and lots of them are making the most of it. The Buffalo faithful are hoping that Manuel will be this year’s breakout star. There were several teams last year that weren’t picked to do much of anything, but the play of their young signal-callers turned things around in a big hurry. The Bills seem to be a few players away from finally getting back to the postseason, but if Manuel is the QB they think he is, who’s to say he couldn’t do similar things in 2013?


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