Geno Smith Thrown Into Sink or Swim Situation with New York Jets

By Andrew Fisher

In a move that’s been expected for awhile now, Geno Smith will start at quarterback for the New York Jets in week one. It’s debatable whether Smith was Rex Ryan‘s first choice, but after a shoulder injury sidelined Mark Sanchez, he didn’t have much of a choice.

Smith was considered by some the top QB prospect in this year’s draft, but his play during the preseason is leading people to think otherwise. The rookie looked green as heck and he missed out on valuable reps because of an ankle injury. But regardless of the circumstances, he’s now the man in New York, whether he’s ready or not.

I don’t view Smith getting thrown to the wolves as necessarily a bad thing. The rookie may not truly be ready for the NFL, but he’s now going to sink or swim. Some people close to the Jets think that Smith was the preferred candidate all along, but that his ankle injury really slowed down his development. Sanchez was probably the better option just to open the season, but I think we can all see that it would have become Smith’s job at some point this year.

The talent around Smith is probably the most concerning thing for Jets’ fans. It’s still unclear whether Santonio Holmes will play in week one, but if he’s ready to go, that would wonders for the rookie QB.


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