New York Jets: Time For John Idzik To Speak

By alfredepps
Star Ledger- USA Today Sports
Star Ledger- USA Today Sports

John Idzik was brought in during the offseason as the New York Jets general manager to turn the Jets around  and to get back in the NFL playoffs. Since his press conference he has been quiet, making it seem as if Rex Ryan is making all the personnel decisions for the Jets. Idzik is the new Mister Geppetto of the NFL and Ryan is Pinocchio. Idzik has signed players like Billy Cundiff, Ben Obomanu, and recently Brady Quinn. These are not signings that tells the Jet fans that they are trying to get back to winning form.

Letting go of players like Braylon Edwards, who has and still can produce for the Jets offense, is not wise, and giving Rex orders to try to win a Jets preseason game against the New York Giants which caused injury to Mark Sanchez tells me Idzik has his own motives and wants everyone else to sink with the Jets who were there before him.

You can tell from the good/bad general managers of the NFL when they are able to balance salary and talent together. Both talent and salary are teammates when coming up with a team to be productive in the NFL. Idzik has done neither. He is cutting salary but getting rid of all the talent. I am surprised he has not cut or traded Nick Mangold yet; can you imagine that?

Idzik, do you have anything to say for yourself or will you continue to let Ryan be the face of the Jets while all the troubles within the organization are going on?

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