Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Percy Harvin To Return by Week 7?

By Andrew Fisher
Percy Harvin

Seattle Seahawks‘ fans around the country perked up a bit on Wednesday afternoon. After having to endure the terrible news that Percy Harvin needed hip surgery a few weeks back, it looks like things are already looking up for the wide receiver. Harvin had the following to say on Twitter about a possible return this season:

What’s goin 12th man just checkn in …I’m making serious progress …keep an eye on week 7…don’t hang them 11’s up…..we workn

— Percy Harvin (@Percy_Harvin) September 4, 2013

He also added:

 I’m starving so bad to get on this field my ribs showing….there’s nothing worse then watching ur boys battle and u can do nothin.just wait

— Percy Harvin (@Percy_Harvin) September 4, 2013

Many had speculated that the speedy wide out would miss 10-12 games while on the road to recovery, but his tweet seems to indicate that he’ll return as soon as he’s eligible. Harvin is currently on the PUP list, which means he’s unable to play during the first six weeks of the season.

The impression most of us had all along was that the procedure he underwent was relatively minor. The Seahawks even seemed to go back-and-forth on whether or not surgery was necessary for their prized offseason acquisition. I thought they made the right call to have him go under the knife before the issue got worse, and it looks like that move could pay off will an early return.

Still, Harvin’s return cannot be rushed in any way. He shouldn’t step on the field this season until he’s truly 100 percent. But if that happens in week seven, the rest of the NFC better look out.


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