Jamarca Sanford Has Right Idea Trying to Lure Antoine Winfield Back to Minnesota Vikings

By Andrew Fisher
Antoine Winfield
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Jamarca Sanford is saying what a lot of Minnesota Vikings‘ fans have been thinking – the team needs to bring back long-time cornerback Antoine Winfield. The Vikings’ starting strong safety had this to say on his efforts to try and bring the recently retired CB back to Minneapolis:

“I will most definitely call him and try and talk him out of retirement. I’m pretty sure Coach Frazier isn’t going to call him or nobody at the top is going to call him. But I’m for sure going to reach out to him and see what he’s thinking.”

If people at the top of the Vikings’ organization aren’t trying their best to bring Winfield back, I’m not sure what they’re thinking? Now clearly, the guys in the front office viewed the 36-year old as expendable, or they wouldn’t have cut him in the first place this past spring, but why wouldn’t they be trying their best to recruit him back to the Twin Cities?

If there’s one thing the Vikings’ secondary lacks in a big way, it’s experience. The players that figure to see the majority of playing time this season, only have two or less years of experience in the NFL. That’s not a good thing for a team playing in the same division with Jay Cutler, Matthew Stafford and Aaron Rodgers.

Winfield had been dealing with a knee issue during the preseason, so his health could be holding him back. Still, it wouldn’t hurt the Vikings one bit if a few more people pick up the phone and try to persuade the veteran to come back.


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