Jim Harbaugh Trying to Pull a Phil Jackson With Targeting Suggestion?

By Andrew Fisher
Jim Harbaugh
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

You can’t blame Jim Harbaugh one bit for tyring to protect his franchise quarterback, Colin Kaepernick. That’s exactly what the San Francisco 49ers head coach has done by making this statement:

“You’re hearing a lot of tough talk right now. You’re hearing some intimidating type of talk, the same thing we were hearing a couple years ago. It sounds a lot like targeting a specific player. You definitely start to wonder.”

Harbaugh is of course implying that the Green Bay Packers may try to target Kaepernick come Sunday when the two teams square off in the season opener. Targeting in the NFL? Nah…

To me, this is Harbaugh taking a page out of Phil Jackson‘s book. The legendary basketball coach was famous for floating comments out there for officials to soak in prior to big games. Jackson would suggest things such as opposing player’s using illegal moves, to one team getting more calls than the other. It’s part of the reason he has the moniker Zen Master.

When it comes to the 49ers and Packers this Sunday, it should be a great game. The contest will be a rematch of last year’s divisional round playoff game in which the 49ers absolutely steam rolled the Packers, thanks in large part to the play of the speedy Kaepernick. The third-year QB will just be one of many players to watch as the two NFC powerhouses get set to do battle.


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