New York Jets Should Officially Name Geno Smith The Starting QB

By Steven Carollo
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets did something no one thought was ever possible: name a starting quarterback for the first game of the season, which is just a few days away.

With the Jets finally announcing Geno Smith as the starting quarterback for Sunday’s opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, they have still yet to proclaim an official every week starter at the position, leaving Jets fans to wonder if Smith will lose his job whenever Mark Sanchez returns in 3-4 weeks.

Now, I think it was pretty clear that Sanchez was going to be the Opening Day starter if his shoulder didn’t get injured at the end of the Jets’ third preseason game against the New York Giants, which only adds to the problem.

Here’s one solution I’ve heard on radio that the Jets should utilize if they were smart.

Sanchez is in a lose/lose situation, so just put him on IR and name Smith the official starting quarterback for the Jets. That way, Sanchez and all of us fans aren’t being left in limbo every week. Let’s just say Sanchez misses the first four weeks of the regular season. If the Jets actually have a winning record after Week 4, would they seriously let Sanchez take back his job if Smith was doing that well?

Even if the Jets are .500 and have a losing record after four weeks, which will most likely be the case, what would be the point of even going back to Sanchez as the starting quarterback? Do you honestly think Sanchez is going to all of a sudden transform into an elite quarterback and lead the Jets to the playoffs?

Nothing is expected out of the Jets this year, and with the names on their roster and strength of schedule, nothing is what will indeed occur for Gang Green this season. So my point is that if Smith is good, then why would they replace him; and if Smith is bad, then who cares?

The Jets aren’t going anywhere this season, so just let the rookie learn the position and let him grow without having to fear someone lurking over him. If the Jets were smart, they would name Smith their every week starting quarterback.

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