NFL Predictions: Joe Flacco Will Prove to Be Elite With Stellar 2013 Campaign

By Andrew Fisher
Joe Flacco
USA Today Sports

For reasons unbeknownst to me, some people still don’t take Joe Flacco seriously as an NFL quarterback. It’s hard to believe, considering the guy just won a Super Bowl while taking home MVP honors. But when the topic of the game’s elite quarterbacks comes up, Flacco’s name still isn’t mentioned on a frequent enough basis. It’s almost like people take him for granted.

Sure, he’s not flashy or as marketable as some of the young studs in the league today, but all the guy does is win. In fact, since entering the league in 2008, no one has more combined regular and postseason wins than Flacco (61), no one. Not Aaron Rodgers, not Tom Brady, not Peyton Manning. But still, fans across the country continue to leave him out of the elite conversation.

I’m predicting that will change once the 2013 season is in the books. Things have shifted for the Baltimore Ravens this year, and the team will be leaning on Flacco more than ever as a playmaker and as a leader. With a ton of key veteran players no longer on the roster, it’s clearly Flacco’s team now and also his time to shine. 2013 will be the year when people finally start to correlate the Ravens QB with the word elite.

Flacco is currently down two of his top targets from last year’s Super Bowl team, but I think he’ll be able to rise above and get Baltimore back to the playoffs for a chance at a repeat.


No One Giving Ravens Chance to Repeat in 2013-14


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