Riley Cooper Proves He Should Be on the Street

By Matt Shaner
John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

Reports came out today that Riley Cooper and Cary Williams got into a heated fight at practice. It was bad enough that both players had to be separated by multiple teammates. Williams was one of the players who said they had an issue playing with Cooper regardless of his apologies. This fight is proof of another puzzling move by Chip Kelly and Howie Roseman.

As with the keeping of Casey Matthews, Cooper’s roster spot is a mystery. He has done nothing in his Philadelphia Eagles‘ career to warrant starting opposite of DeSean Jackson. It is hard to believe that there is no other option out there, or was no other option out there this offseason. He does not have the speed to be a threat, and even with his size has issues getting off the defender.

It is obvious that Cooper’s actions and words are still a problem with the team. Kelly can’t afford this distraction on his squad. If he thinks that he can just sweep it away, he is obviously wrong. How can he expect this team to be a unit with this huge skeleton in the locker room closet? I don’t think the team thought Cooper’s problems had the legs that they did — that they would gain so much attention. Kelly took the high road and deferred to Jeffrey Lurie who handed down a fine. The fine was not enough.

Now they’ve backed themselves into a corner. It is too late to release Cooper or trade him, and who would take the troubled receiver? This mistake, this ignorance of Kelly’s to think he is above this conflict could come back to bite them as the season progresses. It could be a knife in the back that costs the Eagles’ wins this season, and the team will have no option but to cut Cooper when the season ends.

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