Ryan Tannehill Won't Come Anywhere Close to What Warren Sapp Has Insanely Predicted

By Marilee Gallagher
Ryan Tannehill, Drew Brees
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Maybe the concussion symptoms from years of playing football are finally setting in and affecting the mental capacity of some of the NFL‘s greatest players. Either that or Michael Irvin and Warren Sapp are just crazy, bold, trying to stir up talk or any combination of the three.

The first ludicrous prediction came when Irvin, one of the greatest wide receivers to ever take the field, didn’t just suggest, but expects that Dallas Cowboys‘ second-year receiver Dez Bryant will be named the 2013 NFL MVP. A wide receiver has never won that award, but Irvin believes Bryant will be the first.

It is an absolutely crazy-bold prediction considering that receivers such as himself and Jerry Rice, despite putting up monster numbers, were never able to claim the award. And there is a reason for that: MVPs go to the guys throwing the ball, not the ones catching it. Because if Bryant puts up MVP numbers, which mean the yards and touchdowns, the only thing separating him from Tony Romo are the receptions. But the QB would get the credit and the even more surprising the result of Romo being named MVP would likely occur.

Of course, Irvin is a former Cowboy and has never shown anything but, let’s just call it, undying support for the organization. It shouldn’t be that surprising that he wants Bryant to take home the hardware. Who knows, maybe he even sees Bryant as a young version of himself?

So while insane, Irvin’s prediction can be filed away as one former player fully lauding someone who is stepping into his old shoes. Plus, in terms of likeliness for it to happen, compared to Sapp’s prediction for Ryan Tannehill, perhaps Bryant winning the MVP so nuts after all.

Sapp, another NFL Network analyst (there must be something in that drinking water), decided to outdo Irvin by predicting that second-year QB Tannehill is not only going to improve upon what he did last year, but that in addition, he is going to break Dan Marino‘s Miami Dolphins single-season passing mark of 5,084 yards.

Sure, Tannehill is improving and he does have a great arm and loves to throw the ball, but closing in and beating Marino’s mark, that before Drew Brees finally topped it in 2011 had stood for 26 years as the league record, is absolutely and completely insane and not going to happen ever.

Sorry to disappoint Dolphins fans, but Tannehill is not the second coming of Marino and he is certainly no Brees either. He shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath, let alone be compared, when it comes to the NFL’s single-season passing record.

That record is going to stand for the 2013 season and beyond. And if it is ever broken again, Tannehill most certainly will not be the one to do it. No argument made should convince you otherwise.

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