Should The San Francisco 49ers Have A Super Bowl Or Bust Mentality?

By John Ware
49ers Lose Super Bowl
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2013 NFL season underway, the San Francisco 49ers are seeking not only a return to the Super Bowl, but a victory in the Super Bowl. After the way last season ended, the 49ers may have a Super Bowl victory or bust mentality as they did at the end of last season. The question is should they have this mind frame coming into this season?

At the beginning of the season, every team hopes to make the playoffs and eventually make it to the “Big Dance.” Throughout the 16-game season, team expectations change; some teams just want to win the division, some just want to make playoffs any way they can and others just want to get to a somewhat respectable record.

For the past two seasons, San Francisco has gotten closer and closer to winning a Super Bowl the 2011 season. That is a great thing as it pertains to how they perform in the postseason, but what about the regular season? In the past two seasons, the 49ers’ win total diminished by two games; 13 wins in 2011 to 11 wins in 2012. The 49ers’ best chance to actually win the Super Bowl may be to barely make the playoffs if the two-season trend is a sign.

The 49ers could easily split wins with each of the other teams in their division. They also play the Green PackersHouston Texans and Atlanta Falcons just to list a few. Therefore, San Francisco does not need to have a Super Bowl or bust mentality because their schedule will be a struggle to say the least. The team will need to worry about just getting in to the postseason above all. The only way this season should be a bust is if they do not make the playoffs.

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