Woody Johnson's Plan Of Not Cutting Mark Sanchez Is Really A Plan Of More Publicity

By Steven Carollo
Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

New York Jets‘ owner Woody Johnson told the media yesterday that he has no future plans in parting ways with veteran quarterback Mark Sanchez, who is currently injured and is at least out for the first 3-4 weeks of the regular season. After drafting Geno Smith in this years’ draft, you would expect a new quarterback era to begin and for Sanchez to be moving on.

By now, we should all know that Johnson does not have any type of football mind. I would even question his ability to name 10 players on the Jets active roster as of right now.

What we do know about Johnson is his love for attention.

Believe me, this media circus did not start with Rex Ryan. This goes back to when the Jets signed Brett Favre, because not only did they want his talent at quarterback, but at the time, it was even talked about how Johnson also wanted him because he had a name and a personality that would get people talking about the Jets.

The Favre drama only lasted a year, but then came the Ryan era. Johnson’s best work yet. He brings in a defensive coordinator, who was not ready to become a head coach, because of his off-the-wall personality and his ability to make false predictions that would get every outlet of sports media talking about the Jets.

I even remember a scene on HBO’s Hard Knocks, when the Jets were featured, where Johnson looked like a kid on Christmas morning when he saw all of the articles/news stories about the Jets getting printed out.

I have to applaud Johnson, though, on being a great business man. I mean, he is rich, owns Johnson & Johnson, and year after year he puts out a really bad football team that everyone comes to see and everyone talks about.

Bravo, Mr. Johnson. Bravo.

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