Blaming Joe Flacco for the Baltimore Ravens’ Loss Against Denver Broncos is Foolish

Joe Flacco

Ron Chenoy- USA TODAY Sports

Last time I checked, scoring 27 points on offense should be good enough to win the majority of the time. But when your defense allows seven touchdown passes like Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco had to witness, especially to Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, it is a tall order to bounce back from for any quarterback.

Flacco threw for 362 yards, two touchdowns, and two interceptions. Not terrible, but not really good either. So when you see the fact that the Ravens lost to the Broncos 49-27, I’m just curious at who will be foolish enough to blame Flacco for this loss?

Is this loss for the Ravens some sort of dumb justification to say that Flacco isn’t worth the money he got? Are the critics really going to be foolish enough to say Flacco isn’t worth the money every single time he throws an interception? For the Flacco critics, if it makes you sleep better at night, go for it.

The thing that will be odd at this point until Week 2 begins is that a lot of people will use this time to justify Flacco’s flaws and how he will never be good enough. The critics just don’t get it. When Flacco won the Super Bowl last season, he pretty much made any critic look foolish forever. That is what will always make me smile.

If Flacco is really as bad as the critics think he is, then I guess it is fair for his supporters to laugh at the rest of the NFL for letting him win the Super Bowl in 2012.

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  • craigstealsheep

    We are saying he isn’t worth it because he isn’t worth it. They lost Boldin for this contract, their defense is gutted, and now they’re plagued with injuries, but don’t have any good backups because all of their money went to this hack who had one good post season (albeit a fantastic post season. Credit goes where it’s do).

    He’s never played well during the season, he’s a middling to upper tier quarterback at best and last night he saw what a real $100 mil QB does. Flacco is not in the same class as Manning and Brady (two future hall of famers) and will be lucky if he’s remembered in twenty years except on Superbowl MVP lists.

    Also, your argument is a fallacy of logic. Winning a Superbowl should not automatically get you a $120 mil contract. You assume for some reason, that this also entitles him from being criticized. This fallacy, known as Moving the Goal Posts, shows that you do not see the evidence that he is inconsistent, makes numerous mistakes, doesn’t read the defense well (he’s thrown two, nearly three interceptions to Harris, come on), and relies on the talent of his options (which he doesn’t have anymore) because he “won a Superbowl”.

    If you want to get to the psychology of it, we criticize him because he is the definition of QB love. Forget all the other players that made them get to the Superbowl. Forget all the bad passes Boldin and Pitta still brought down. Forget the impact Reed and Lewis made on defense. Nope, it’s all Flacco. At least, that’s what giving him that huge contract shows.

    • WolaOdeniran

      I don’t understand why people keep saying that. Boldin’s cap number fit AFTER Flacco got his deal.

      If Flacco’s deal hindered the Ravens, how did the team manage to sign Elvis Dumervil to a 5 year deal worth 35 million?

      Makes numerous mistakes? Seeing as how Flacco hasn’t thrown more than 12 interceptions in his entire career that doesn’t make any sense to me.

      Flacco has more touchdown passes in the playoffs with 19 over the last 5 years than any other QB in the NFL. That’s why he got paid.

      You seem like someone who is making excuses. “All the bad passes”? Seems like a lame attempt to say he’s no good to me.

      Do you want to way Ben Roethlisberger’s Super Bowl win in 2008 away? Since he had 17 touchdowns, and 14 int’s that year? You probably won’t.

      What about Tom Brady, and the tuck rule in 2001? Bet you won’t take that away either.

      Or how about Peyton Manning in 2006 throwing three touchdown passes, and seven interceptions in the playoffs, and earning Super Bowl MVP at the same time?

      Go ahead, and worry about regular season numbers. By your logic, Tony Romo should get a 120 million dollar contract too right? He has posted elite numbers during the regular season, but not in clutch situations during the regular season.

      Last I checked, throwing 11 TD’s, and 0 int’s in the playoffs isn’t easy. Last time I checked, winning the Super Bowl isn’t easy. But keep making excuses to say Flacco isn’t good.

      When you have a quarterback who can help you win on the road on a consistent basis, against the patriots, Steelers, and outplay Peyton Manning as well, I will take it.

      Keep your fantasy QB numbers, I want wins period, and a stable QB who helps the Ravens win.

      If Flacco put up numbers like Romo, and failed in critical situations like Romo, I wouldn’t want him on the Ravens.

      Wins are valuable. It is also hilarious that you think ANY QB could walk into the Ravens situation, and win a Super Bowl.

      If you think the any QB could walk into the Ravens organization, and win do you also believe the Ravens are the best organization in the NFL? This should be good because I’m going to enjoy the answer you give either way.

      • craigstealsheep

        First, thanks for the reply and using evidence this time. Also, dear god, Romo getting a $120 mil contract is a horrifying thought. I actually got a chill when you said that.

        On to my response. You bring up a good point about Brady and Manning in the post season. And I don’t want to downplay Flacco’s incredible post season. I’m also not saying that any QB can walk into the Raven’s organization and capitalize. Do you really think I believe Tebow or Mark Sanchez could have done anything in the playoffs with this team? Hell no, they would have failed no matter what because that’s what they do.

        We don’t like him being called a superstar or top tier because he isn’t. He hasn’t proven himself time and time again to be consistent, reading the defense and capitalizing on their mistakes. I don’t know where you get that he’s reliable and if you see how he played on Thursday, you see he can’t carry a team. Superstar QBs manage to make other players better. Brady hasn’t had the best options, Manning has had terrible O-lines with no run game, and yet both of these guys have made teams far better than the team’s talent should allow. Hell, look what happened to Indy after they lost him. They went from one of the top teams in the league, to 1 and 15. Do you think the Ravens would go 1 and 15 without Flacco? It’s possible now, but I doubt that would’ve happened last season. And if you saw how Boldin played last night, you should be very upset that Baltimore didn’t resign him. I don’t think he would’ve dropped three passes.

        • WolaOdeniran

          I think Flacco is a 2nd tier QB behind the elite QB’s. I agree he needs to be more consistent, but I disagree when you said Flacco can’t carry a team due to Thursday night.

          If any defense allows 7 TD’s in one game, you can’t win.

          Ya Boldin is gone, and I wasn’t a big fan of the trade, but it is what it is now. The Ravens wanted to get younger, and these are the growing pains.

          I appreciate the comment.