Blaming Joe Flacco for the Baltimore Ravens' Loss Against Denver Broncos is Foolish

By Wola Odeniran
Joe Flacco
Ron Chenoy- USA TODAY Sports

Last time I checked, scoring 27 points on offense should be good enough to win the majority of the time. But when your defense allows seven touchdown passes like Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco had to witness, especially to Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, it is a tall order to bounce back from for any quarterback.

Flacco threw for 362 yards, two touchdowns, and two interceptions. Not terrible, but not really good either. So when you see the fact that the Ravens lost to the Broncos 49-27, I’m just curious at who will be foolish enough to blame Flacco for this loss?

Is this loss for the Ravens some sort of dumb justification to say that Flacco isn’t worth the money he got? Are the critics really going to be foolish enough to say Flacco isn’t worth the money every single time he throws an interception? For the Flacco critics, if it makes you sleep better at night, go for it.

The thing that will be odd at this point until Week 2 begins is that a lot of people will use this time to justify Flacco’s flaws and how he will never be good enough. The critics just don’t get it. When Flacco won the Super Bowl last season, he pretty much made any critic look foolish forever. That is what will always make me smile.

If Flacco is really as bad as the critics think he is, then I guess it is fair for his supporters to laugh at the rest of the NFL for letting him win the Super Bowl in 2012.

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