Denver Broncos: Peyton Manning's Performance In Opener Proves He Is A God

By Steven Carollo
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

If you didn’t think Peyton Manning was a god already, then you are probably a New England Patriots fan. But if you aren’t, then this is probably just common knowledge.

So why am I stating the obvious?

Well, did you see the type of game Manning and the Denver Broncos had in their season opener against the Baltimore Ravens? Not only did the Broncos beat down on the Ravens 49-27, but Manning threw 27-of-42 for 462 yards, seven touchdowns, and no interceptions.

That, ladies and gentleman, is the single greatest performance by a quarterback I have ever seen, and that probably goes for you too. It was just a god-like performance that only comes from the best quarterbacks the NFL has to offer, and Manning is the best.

Manning is now on pace for 112 touchdowns this season, with the record currently sitting at 50 by Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. 112 will never happen, but I do believe Manning wants that single-season touchdown record that was once his before it was Brady’s.

A lot of fans love to compare Manning to Brady, and even though Brady has three Super Bowl victories compared to Manning’s one, I still believe Manning is the better quarterback, and last night’s game showed why. Teams win Super Bowls, and it is not Manning’s fault that Brady was on better teams.

I think the Broncos have a very good shot at winning the Super Bowl this year, and that was before this game. With a good offensive line, receivers and defense in place, unless Manning gets injured, there should be no stopping him this season.

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