Despite Bone-Headed Mistake, Danny Trevathan had a Breakout Performance for Denver Broncos

By Tyler Brett
danny trevathan
Ron Chenoy – USA TODAY Sports

Danny Trevathan made the highlight reel in his first career start, but it wasn’t for the reason that he was probably hoping for. After making a great play to snag his first career interception off of Joe Flacco, the third-year linebacker made a bone-headed play for the ages, dropping the ball before crossing the goal line, leading to a touchback and possession for the Baltimore Ravens. Despite that epically bone-headed blunder, however, the Denver Broncos have found a great defensive player in Danny Trevathan.

All night long, Trevathan was making plays from sideline to sideline. His athleticism and ability to cover tight ends and running backs was on fully display as he made life difficult for Dallas Clark and Ed Dickson all night long. He was routinely blanketing Flacco’s check-down options, forcing the quarterback to hold onto the ball or throw it away completely and helped the Denver defense stand on its head in the second half to help spark the blowout third quarter performance.

Much of that effort will be overshadowed, however, by the dumb move that cost Trevathan his first career touchdown. But it’s a coachable moment. Defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio was all over him on the sidelines and his teammates let him know that he had made a colossal error in judgment. He appeared beside himself after he realized what had happened (even more so because Wesley Woodyard had been injured in the aftermath), but finished the game strong.

Afterwards, he let the media know that this kind of thing wouldn’t be happening again:

“That was kind of selfish and that’s not the kind of player I am. I have to learn from that.”

If Trevathan is as contrite and embarrassed as he appears and takes this as an opportunity to learn from his mistake, Denver will have found a valuable piece of the defense for the 2013 season. He looks like a guy that can cover just about anybody over the middle and out of the backfield, giving Denver a huge boost when they get into man-to-man situations defensively. Added to the athleticism of Woodyard, the Broncos may have a pair of linebackers who can make plays from sideline to sideline.

His debut performance won’t be remembered for the reasons he would like it to, but Danny Trevathan has arrived as a legitimate defensive starter in the NFL. If he can survive being the butt of some jokes for a while, the young linebacker should have a huge season for Denver in 2013.

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