Detroit Lions Will Return To The Playoffs

By jonathandavitt
Detroit Lions
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Football triumphantly returned last night. The Denver Broncos destroyed the Baltimore Ravens in a high-scoring game that produced some amazing offensive play, but also provided the neutral fan with an entertaining comedy of errors.

Are the Broncos that good? Are the reigning Super Bowl champions that bad? Its probably too early to tell and it doesn’t particularly concern me. What does concern me is that the Detroit Lions host the Ravens in Week 15 in what could be a season-defining game. Here’s why.

Coming into Week 15, I have the Lions with 8-9 wins. Based on what I saw last night, the Ravens are a mess. Joe Flacco looked like the Flacco of two years ago. He made some bad decisions and some bad throws. Dallas Clark and Ed Dickson had some inexcusable drops. Dennis Pitta will be sorely missed this season. The Ravens’ defense looked confused all night with missed assignments and bad tackling.

What does this mean for the Lions? Well, hopefully it means an easy win at Ford Field, which will clinch the Lions a playoff berth. If the Lions’ wide receivers can stay healthy, they will look like the team that went to the playoffs in 2011, the only exception being that they are younger, smarter and faster on defense.

The only fear that I have is with the team’s offensive line. It is a work in progress and could struggle at times to protect Matthew Stafford. If that happens, Stafford will just swing a pass out to Reggie Bush rather than force a throw down the field to Calvin Johnson.

So there you have it folks, you heard it here first — the Lions will clinch a playoff berth in Week 15 at home to the Ravens.

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