Indianapolis Colts Must Contain Terrelle Pryor to be Victorious in Week 1

By Michael Terrill
Indianapolis Colts Must Contain Terrelle Pryor to be Victorious in Week 1
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts will kick off the 2013 NFL season against the Oakland Raiders at home. It is certainly a matchup they can win as long as they contain speedy quarterback Terrelle Pryor. The focus must be on him at all times because if he is able to run all over the place it will be a long afternoon for the Colts’ defense.

The best way for Indianapolis to prevent Pryor from having his way with them in his second career start is by putting the pressure on. The Colts did not showcase many fancy blitz packages in the preseason, with the reason being that they did not want to reveal too much too early.

“We stayed pretty vanilla throughout the course of preseason,” head coach Chuck Pagano said, according to the Indianapolis Star. “You rush three and you rush four. We’re probably like everybody else where you don’t show a whole lot and so we’ve got a lot of things that we can do to generate pass-rush in a lot of different ways, like most people. I feel good about it and the plan will be a little bit more creative, if you will, going into this first one. We got guys that can get after it.”

Frustrating the young signal caller and getting him out of his element early by bringing the heat is a good way to win the battle on defense. The Colts are most likely not overly concerned with Pryor behind closed doors for good reason. He has yet to establish himself because he really has only played one game in his NFL career. With that being said, he was rather impressive against the San Diego Chargers in the last game of the 2012 season.

Pryor’s 46.4 completion percentage was horrendous and he did manage to throw an interception. However, he also passed for 150 yards and tossed two touchdowns. More importantly, he rushed for 49 yards on nine attempts.

There is no question Pryor has the ability to catch fire, which will make him very dangerous. As long as the defense sticks with him the entire game and keep the ball in Andrew Luck’s hands, they should be victorious in Week 1.

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