New England Patriots: Letting Wes Welker Go Is Looking Like A Catastrophic Mistake

By Will Gellman
Wes Welker
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the Denver Broncos have kicked off the NFL regular season with a convincing win against the Baltimore Ravens, there are quite a few topics of conversation to touch on. For many New England Patriots fans, Wes Welker was of major interest in this one. Welker was fantastic in this game overall. Even though he dropped a pass and made one special teams blunder, he made up for it with a great game statistically.

He caught nine passes for 67 yards, and two touchdowns on 11 targets in just his first game as a Bronco. Peyton Manning already seems to have a nice rapport with Welker at this point, as he looked for him early and often in the game.

With more time to work together, this duo should be even better going forward, especially with Julius Thomas, Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker drawing coverage away from Welker.

As for the Patriots, they are waiting to see what Danny Amendola can do in their offense.  Unfortunately for them, Amendola’s injury concerns seem to be rearing their ugly head. He has been limited by a groin injury for a few weeks now and the team has yet to play a single regular season game.

Tom Brady will now have to hold out hope that Amendola can give him at least a portion of what Welker brought to the table. If he is hurt like this in the preseason, it is worrisome to think what could happen when the heavy hitters come out in real games.

Contrast Amendola’s injury history with Welker’s remarkable durability, having missed only three games throughout his Patriots’ tenure, and it is clear they made a big mistake by cutting him loose.

To make matters even worse, he was allowed to sign with a team that has a plethora of weapons at their disposal, and could compete with the Patriots for a Super Bowl berth relatively soon, if not this season. He could very well be the guy responsible for making the Broncos go from a good team to a Super Bowl-caliber team.

He will have the opportunity to play against and beat his former team perhaps twice, which certainly would add insult to injury if you are the Patriots. Welker proved that he is not just a system receiver who can only excel for the Patriots. He is a great player and the Patriots should be kicking themselves for letting him go over chump change.

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