New York Jets: Owner Woody Johnson Should Avoid Making Statements to Media

By Nick Mamary
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Professional sports owners often have a wide range of personalities. There are those like Pittsburgh Steelers owner Dan Rooney and Bob Kraft of the New England Patriots, who have a tendency to lay low while allowing others to basically take control. This approach has worked as these franchises have both enjoyed massive success.

Then there are others like Jerry Jones from the Dallas Cowboys, who also act as general manager. These men are smart in business while enjoying tremendous wealth. I have no place in trying to criticize their methods. Another high-profile individual currently in the spotlight for the way they run their team is Woody Johnson, who has been in charge of the New York Jets since 2000.

The Jets made six NFL Playoff appearances during this time. While that is under half of 13 seasons, qualifying for postseason play is very difficult. Johnson’s lack of hesitation to make moves also shows he cares about winning.

Obviously, such determination is something that fans appreciate. During his time, Johnson has also demonstrated a more hands-off approach as opposed to others like Jones. Doing so in a gigantic market place must be difficult. Others believe that the owner is not a “football guy”, who instead leans on others to direct personnel.

His recent press conference gave unclear messages regarding the future of this franchise. The tenure of head coach Rex Ryan will continue to be an issue. There is a real belief that general manger John Idzik has much greater authority. Johnson told the New York Daily News when asked about his coach’s standing after 2013 “We’re not going to comment on anything like that.”

He also said that struggling and injured quarterback Mark Sanchez is not in danger of being released. Johnson told ESPN “Mark will be on the team; I don’t think there’s any question about that.”
The first comment established more doubt over a floundering coach while the other one backs an extremely unpopular figure.

Johnson needs to stay out of the public eye and leave press conferences to someone else.

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