2013 NFL Spread Picks: Week 1

By Dan Abeshouse
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Get excited, it’s time for the Week 1 spread picks.The lines I use are from CBSsports.com, and they add half points to the one’s that don’t have it, as it should be — nobody wants a tie. I’m already 0-1 for the week, let’s see if I can pick it up.

New England Patriots At Buffalo Bills: (+10.5):

I thought about taking the Bills and the points, but an injured rookie QB going against the Pats is not a good bet. The Pats should roll here.

Patriots 38 Bills 17

Tennessee Titans
 At Pittsburgh Steelers: (-7.5)

The Titans could be an interesting upset pick here, but I’m not falling for it. The Steelers are a good home, as they’re healthy (for now), and they always seem to do the best when people count them out.

Steelers 26 Titans 13

Atlanta Falcons
 At New Orleans Saints: (-3.5)

I love this game here. The league didn’t do the Falcons any favors by throwing them in the Superdome for Sean Payton‘s return. This will probably be a shoot out, like all of their games it seems. This would be a huge win for the Falcons, but I don’t see the Saints losing here.

Saints 31 Falcons 27

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
 At New York Jets: (+3.5)

Giving the Bucs points on the road makes me a little nervouse. The Jets still have a pretty good defense and I think they can hang around in this game. Still, with a rookie QB and pretty much no offensive weapons to speak of, I can’t really make a case for the Jets.

Buccaneers 19 Jets 6

Kansas City Chiefs
 At Jacksonville Jaguars: (+4.5)

It speaks volumes when you’re a 4.5 underdog at home against a 2-14 team from last year. Although, all signs point to the Jags being one of the worst teams in the league and to the Chiefs being the obvious sleeper team this year. If the Chiefs are that team, then they should have no problem beating the Jags.

Chiefs 23 Jaguars 10

Seattle Seahawks
 At Carolina Panthers: (+3.5)

This is my upset special of the week: a 1:00 game for the Seahawks going against a really good front seven led by Luke Kuchely. The Seahawks struggle on the road, and I see them struggling to score points here against a good defense.

Panthers 16 Seahawks 13

Cincinnati Bengals
 At Chicago Bears: (-3.5)

I was going to take the Bears earlier in the week, but I’m leaning more towards the Bengals now. I think I might be subconsciously trying to jinx them. Either way, whoever wins this game will have the, “This team is for real,” treatment until Week 2. Actually, thinking more about this game I didn’t even consider the insanely good Bengals pass rush against the crappy Bears o-line. Jay Cutler might feel like Tobias Beacher in the first season of Oz after this game.

Bengals 24 Bears 17

Miami Dolphins
 At Cleveland Browns: (-.5)

Both teams look to be in that 6-10 to 9-7 vortex. I like the Browns more.

Browns 20 Dolphins 16

Minnesota Vikings
 At Detroit Lions (-4.5)

I was stuck on this one for a while, but then I remembered the old adage. When in doubt, take the points.

Lions 23 Vikings 20

Oakland Raiders
 At Indianapolis Colts: (-8.5)

The Colts seem to be the obvious survival pool pick of the week. A few red flags come to mind, however, such as the fact that the Colts’ defense isn’t that good, Terrell Pryor can at least run around and make things happen, and this will be one of the six games this year that Darren McFadden will be healthy. Still, I don’t see how Andrew Luck, and friends don’t put up at least 45 on these pansies.

Colts 45 Raiders 24

Green Bay Packers
 At San Francisco 49’ers: (-4.5)

I’m very tempted to take the Packers here, but then I remember taking them in both games last year. If I took them a third time and they lost again, I would feel like an idiot.

49’ers 30 Packers 24

Arizona Cardinals At St. Louis Rams: (-4.5)

See Minnesota/Detroit.

Cardinals 17 Rams 10

New York Giants
At Dallas Cowboys: (-3.5)

The Cowboys will eventually beat the Giants in Jerry World, but until it actually happens, I have to stick with the Giants. Just to hedge my bets, however, I did want to pick the Cowboys.

Giants 27 Cowboys 24

Philadelphia Eagles
At Washington Redskins: (-3.5)

This could be the most fun and overhyped game between two teams that might not be any good. It should be a fun fantasy football game, with RG3, Michael Vick, LeSean McCoy and Alfred Morris. Who do you trust more, Vick or RG-knee?

Redskins 31 Eagles 24


Houston Texans At San Diego Chargers: (+3.5)

Don’t get cute here. Stick to the chalk.

Texans 31 Chargers 10



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