Bold Prejections for Indianapolis Colts' First Game

By EJ Mckinley
Brian Spurlock USA Today Sports

There are a lot of things that can happen in any given game. I’m about to give you some of the boldest and most likely predictions I can. Through extensive study I have developed these best-guesses or likely scenarios. The first prediction for the Indianapolis Colts and Oakland Raiders‘ game has to do with Andrew Luck, who I believe will play a crucial role.

Andrew Luck will throw for more than 400 yards.

The Raiders’ defensive backfield is terrible. Andrew Luck was fantastic last year and will be twice as good with his first full offseason in the NFL. I can see Luck passing for as much as 450 yards, maybe even closer to 500 yards.

Reggie Wayne will have 150 or more receiving yards.

If Luck throws for 500 yards somebody has to catch the ball right? Wayne will run circles around this defense. He will more than likely will be covered by rookie DJ Hayden. Hayden is far behind the learning curve because he was recovering from injuries all offseason. He is over matched and under skilled. Wayne will tear him apart.

T.Y. Hilton will have two or more touchdowns.

The Raiders’ defense is slow and Hilton has blazing speed so he will burn this defense for at least two touchdowns.

The Colts’ defense will have two interceptions.

Whoever starts at quarterback for the Raiders is really going to struggle. The Colts are going to bring pressure and the Raiders are going to crumble. The Colts’ defense is more than ready to face this Oakland Raiders team.

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