If Philadelphia Eagles Had Decent WR Depth, Riley Cooper Would Already be Gone

By Joe Doris
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Alright, I think all of us hoped that we were done hearing about the hoopla surrounding Philadelphia Eagles WR Riley Cooper’s ignorant and idiotic use of an all-too-familiar racial slur months ago.

But now that Cooper was involved in a minor scuffle with teammate CB Cary Williams, a relatively controversial character himself, the public’s attention has shifted back to Cooper. Just to be clear, this minor training camp dust-up between Cooper and Williams likely would have drawn next-to-no media attention if it wasn’t for Cooper’s recent misgivings. And the fact that Williams is a member of the race in which Cooper so highly offended makes the situation even more fragile.

With that said, I was certainly surprised to see Cooper actually instigate the extracurricular activity, because you would think that he would be trying to stay out of trouble by any means. It just goes to show that Cooper wasn’t genuinely humbled by the social fiasco that he thrust himself into; so why should anybody be willing to cut him any slack?

While I do think that Eagles first-year NFL head coach Chip Kelly handled the initial situation well, I still think that Cooper would have been shown the door if projected starting WRs Jeremy Maclin and Arrelious Benn were not lost for the season with ACL tears.

And if this scuff between Cooper and Williams would have happened before 53-man rosters were solidified, then maybe WR Greg Salas or WR Russell Shepard would still be on the Birds’ active roster; with Cooper being the odd-man-out.

Overall, Cooper is incredibly lucky that the Eagles’ wide receiving core has been ravished with injury and has absolutely no depth. Because if Coach Kelly and the Eagles weren’t desperate for his services, which they are, I have no doubt that he would be out of a job.


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