Michael Vick, A Mobile Veteran, is Chip Kelly's Dream QB for Philadelphia Eagles

By Joe Doris
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

When Chip Kelly decided to make the jump from the college ranks into the professional circuit, he knew that he would need an intelligent, mobile, versatile, experienced quarterback to lead his completely original, mile-a-minute spread offense.

So when the Philadelphia Eagles came a’ calling for his services, Kelly had no choice but to pounce on the opportunity.

You know why? Because QB Michael Vick is on the roster.

If Kelly was having a fantasy draft and had to choose one NFL QB to orchestrate his up-tempo, absolutely lethal version of spread offense; it would be Vick. He would pick Vick every time.

The funny thing is that most Eagles’ fans expected Vick to be axed along with former head coach Andy Reid after the Birds’ humiliating 2012 campaign. But no. Reid is gone, and Vick remains. And all of the thanks can go to the acquisition of Coach Kelly.

It would have been idiotic for Kelly to let Vick walk when you consider his unique skill set and his ability to make plays out of nothing. So Kelly brought Vick back with a restructured, one-year contract, giving the 10-year veteran one more shot at greatness.

And I think it was a tremendous decision. The overwhelming respect that Vick’s teammates have for him is just the icing on the cake when it comes to this offense. Even though the scheme is brand new to all involved, Vick’s teammates trust him and believe in his abilities so intensely that this offense has the chance to immediately become one of the league’s premiere units.

Listen to me, Eagles’ fans. Buckle up. Kelly isn’t messing around. Vick isn’t messing around. It’s time for the big show.


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