Brandon Boykin, Jordan Poyer Will Finish 2013 as Philadelphia Eagles Starting CBs

By Joe Doris
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Do yourself a favor and don’t let the Philadelphia Eagles’ current cornerback depth chart fool you.

I will tell you right now that Eagles CBs Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher not only lack the talent necessary to lead a professional secondary, but they will be replaced by CBs Brandon Boykin and Jordan Poyer by the time the 2013 season concludes.

The amazing thing is that Boykin is only a second-year NFL player, and Poyer is a fresh-legged, wet-behind-the-ears rookie. But talent and potential are usually pretty obviously recognizable when it comes to cornerbacks, and both youngsters are flat-out better athletes than their current position-holders.

Even though Williams has never done anything notable in his career, besides get in fights and meaningless scuffs with opponents as well as teammates, he still gets this unfounded respect by players, fans and analysts. People act like he is a decent NFL cornerback who has ability, but he honestly isn’t worth the breath to talk about or the ink to write about. So I will stop writing about him; right now.

Fletcher is just kind of a so-so, run-of-the-mill cornerback who won’t constantly get burned, but he also won’t make any eye-opening or game-breaking plays. He’s like furniture. He’s just…there.

Boykin and Poyer, on the other hand, are athletic, gifted, young coverage-men who have all the potential in the world to be superstars. While Boykin was incredibly highly-touted as one of the best cornerbacks in last year’s 2012 NFL Draft, Poyer was a consensus All-American just last year but somehow fell all the way to the 7th-round of April’s 2013 NFL Draft.

So even though Williams and Fletcher will receive the starting nod for Week 1 on Monday night, rest assured that Boykin and Poyer will take over as the Birds’ lead CBs sooner rather than later.


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