Cary Willams Has Some Issues For Philadelphia Eagles

By Joseph Hickman
Cary Williams Philadelphia Eagles
John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

Cary Williams my man, you have some issues.

Yes, I get that whole incident the other day at practice for the Philadelphia Eagles likely stems from the Riley Cooper incident. Cary was one of the players that didn’t forgive Riley right way. Obviously he still hasn’t, but Cary has his own issues. This dude loves to talk even though he wasn’t talking to reporters after the fight. He also loves to stir stuff up. You could say he has an anger management issues.

He started all this nonsense when he missed some mini-camps for personal reasons. All I am saying is that this dude better show up this season or he will have a target on his back. I am almost already tired of this guy and the season didn’t even start yet.

It seems the players are growing tired of him as well, especially Michael Vick. Vick was right in the middle of the pushing and shoving between Cooper and Cary as we all know. Vick said later that day that some people need to learn to respect him and from the reports, he was looking right at Cary.

Vick spoke to reporters yesterday about Cary. Vick said that Cary understands that he can be hot-headed at times. Well, I am glad that you’re noticing Cary. Vick also said that Cary needs to learn to respect that game more. I am sorry, there is no way that Cary will like those comments.

Like I said before, Cary better perform because fans and maybe even some teammates are already growing tired of his act.

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