Come 2014, QB Nick Foles Will No Longer be a Philadelphia Eagle

By Joe Doris
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Foles was Andy Reid’s guy; not Chip Kelly’s guy. I could just end this article right now.

Honestly, that’s all it takes for an NFL player, especially a quarterback, to be cast away from an organization.

Reid, the Philadelphia Eagles’ head coach for the past 14 years, selected Foles in the third round of last year’s 2012 NFL Draft with hopes that the youngster would take the reins after QB Michael Vick finally called it quits, or was forced out of Philly.

Too bad Kelly made it clear, when he took over as the Birds’ front-man in 2013, that Foles was not his kind of quarterback; drafting QB Matt Barkley in the fourth round of April’s 2013 NFL Draft. To be fair, Kelly is the originator of a highly complex, furiously fast spread offense that requires a mobile, athletic quarterback to get the job done. And while Barkley is hardly a running quarterback, he is Usain Bolt compared to Foles.

It was certainly thoughtful of Kelly, almost on a cute level, to let Foles think that he had a chance at beating out Vick for the starting spot in 2013. I think we all knew the entire time that it was Vick’s job, and he wasn’t letting go of it.

Considering Foles is still young and has potential as a career NFL backup, it is much more likely that the Eagles will trade him as opposed to releasing him. But there would be absolutely no point in keeping both Foles and Barkley on the roster in 2014.

Even if Vick fails miserably in Kelly’s offense, which he won’t, Barkley has a better chance at succeeding in the spread system than Foles. And if Kelly doesn’t like Barkley as his signal-caller either, then he will just snatch up another rook early in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Either way, Foles just has no business being in Eagles’ green anymore.


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