Indianapolis Colts' Defense Reminiscent of Earlier Days

By EJ Mckinley
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

As the Indianapolis Colts‘ first regular season game unfolded, one thing was apparent: they might not be running their old Tampa 2, but they are still playing their old bend-but-not-break defense.

The old Colts’ defense, under Super Bowl-winning coach Tony Dungy, was all about keeping everything in front and not giving up the big plays. I can’t get over how similar this Colts defense is looking. It’s almost like watching the Dungy Colts all over again.

The Colts no longer run a cover-2 scheme. They now run a hybrid 3-4. However, it has looked several times in their first regular season game like they were going to give up a touchdown. Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrell Pryor made some major plays, but the Colts have been able to stop the offense just before they score.

This is something we saw a lot of under Dungy. I don’t believe it’s a planned attack, but it’s looking that way so far.

I think the Colts were a lot more aggressive last year on defense due to the fact that they couldn’t trust their offensive game as much. Now with Andrew Luck coming into his own, they can put most of the weight on the offense and let up some on the defense.

They did the exact same thing when Peyton Manning was in Indianapolis. As the Colts-Raiders game moved forward, the defense was put on its heels, but was able to keep the Raiders offense from putting up to many points on them.

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