It Could Be A Long Season For Philadelphia Eagles' Riley Cooper

By Joseph Hickman
Riley Cooper Philadelphia Eagles
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the Riley Cooper incident may or may not be resolved even in the Philadelphia Eagles own locker room, and Cary Williams is exhibit A for that. I have been wondering how other players around the league will deal with Cooper. I can almost guarantee that players will harass Cooper on the field by taunting him. That is something Cooper will have to just live with.

Some people believe that the  scuffle between Cary and Cooper steams directly from that incident even though some players on the Eagles say that it’s unrelated. I call “BS” on that one. To be honest, Cooper is just going to have to get use to these little scuffles from players. I would think that these types of incidents will arise a handful of times throughout the season for Cooper.

The other day, LeSean McCoy talked to reporters about Cooper. He talked  about how he felt in the beginning about Cooper’s remarks and how he feels now. He said everything is back to normal. I guess Cary didn’t get the memo even though McCoy said that Cary is basically cool with Cooper now too. Man, it could be a very long season for Cooper if he doesn’t perform on the field.

Cooper is entering his fourth season with the Eagles. The most balls he’s ever caught was 23 last season. The most yards he’s ever gained in a season was 315 yards two years ago. The former fifth-round pick looks to be on his last leg in the league. Does he finally become that red-zone target the Eagles envisioned him to be when they drafted him?

The one thing that Cooper has going for him is Michael Vick. Vick has stuck-up for him since day one, and he also seems to like throwing to him. We will see …

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