Minnesota Vikings Embarrassed By Detroit Lions

By ericbeuning
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Coming into today’s game where the Minnesota Vikings were visiting the Detroit Lions, I was expecting the talent of the Lions’ offense and the strength of their interior defensive line to exploit the question marks and weaknesses the Vikings have on both sides of the ball.

Earlier this week, I took a closer look at the weak spots where the Vikings can’t match up.

In the first half, we watched drive after drive as the Lions continued to shoot themselves in the foot with stupid penalties and a total lack of discipline. Reggie Bush put on a show, driving the Lions downfield just so special teams could fumble an easy field goal attempt.

Adrian Peterson’s first touch of the game slipped right through the Lions’ defensive line for a 78-yard score that exposed the lack of speed in the Lions’ secondary. From that point, he and Jerome Simpson put up the stats exposing what looked like a horrendously sloppy play by the Lions as they shot themselves in the foot with stupid penalties and blown opportunities.

It looked like the Lions were trying to find a way to give the Vikings the game with 11 penalties and two turnovers. Then we saw new team captain Ndamukong Suh start to rally the Lions’ defenders on the sidelines and they responded with their play on the field.

With the Lions standing tall, the Vikings and the noodle arm of Christian Ponder gave the game right back to the Lions and the fleet feet of Reggie Bush.

The Vikings offense simply cannot be carried by Adrian Peterson’s feet alone.  Jerome Simpson put up a valiant effort, but the rest of the offense let them down. Ponder is an embarrassment of a quarterback and he showed off his lack of skills once again by throwing three ugly interceptions.

The Vikings and the offseason hubris of Rick Spielman were exposed today in a way that offers little hope for a return to the playoffs.

The Lions gave a pretty good preview for the 2013 season. Calvin Johnson attracted so much attention that it opened the door for Bush to spread hope through the Motor City. Sure, teams will have to pick their poison this year. However, no team can commit 11 penalties for 88 yards and expect that they will make a deep run in the playoffs.

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