Oakland Raiders’ Terrelle Pryor Impresses in Week 1

By Michael Terrill
Oakland Raiders’ Terrelle Pryor Impresses in Week 1
Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Raiders may have lost their first game of the 2013 NFL season to the Indianapolis Colts. However, one thing is for sure, quarterback Terrelle Pryor’s performance may have changed some doubters’ mind in and outside of the organization.

“He’s a problem,” Colts linebacker Robert Mathis said, according to ESPN.com. “He’s a very athletic guy. He can make you pay with his arm, too. We were able to get him under control at the very end, that’s all that matters.”

Pryor completed 65.5 percent of his 29 pass attempts for 217 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions. He also rushed for a game-high 112 yards on 13 attempts.

There is no question the read-option offense was certainly a factor, but it was more of what Pryor was able to come up with that benefited Oakland’s offense. Pryor also had an advantage because the Colts were not exactly sure what to expect from a player that does not have a lot of film on him at the professional level.

“They did a nice job with their scheme,” Colts coach Chuck Pagano told ESPN.com. “Those things are easier said than done. It’s hard, especially in the opener. You watch the tape and you watch the preseason and it’s really hard to gauge and know exactly what you’re going to get. We knew we had a heck of a football player coming here, a talented guy, a great athlete.”

There were plenty of people confused and angered by the decision to start Pryor over Matt Flynn. However, it is obvious the Raiders have bought into the read-option quarterback, which is something Flynn is not going to give them. Oakland has seen what Russell Wilson and Robert Griffin III have been able to do and they believe Pryor can be on their level.

A loss is certainly a tough pill to swallow. With that being said, the Raiders have to be excited with what Pryor was able to accomplish.

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