Offensive Line a Glaring Weakness for Indianapolis Colts

By EJ Mckinley
Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts wrapped up their first regular season game today with a narrow win. While the defense had some real struggles the offense should’ve done far better. It wasn’t quarterback Andrew Lucks fault or the fact that the running backs weren’t running hard. All of the offensive struggles can be pegged on the offensive line.

Andrew Luck was sacked four times against the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders are a team that is weak and the Colts offense should’ve let them up. But more than once a major sack stalled the Colts offense. I can recall several occurrences in which Luck had to move out of the pocket and run for his life to make a completion. I also recall him evading pressure and throwing some bad incompletions.

The offensive line run blocked better than it pass blocked, but it still did a terrible job at both. The Colts were able to get something of a run game working early in the contest but it sputtered out as the game went on. The Raiders did use some exotic blitz packages but the Colts line wasn’t pushing the Raiders defense back an inch. More times than not, the Raiders were into the Colts backfield and stopping the halfback for a loss.

The Colts should’ve put up a lot more yards and points against this poor Raiders unit. The offensive line really handicapped the progress. I hope the main reason the Colts line struggled was because they weren’t prepared for all the blitzes Oakland was going to bring. If that’s not the case, it could be a long and hard season for this Colts offense even though they have a bounty of weapons.

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