Philadelphia Eagles Set to Unveil the ‘Real’ Chip Kelly Offense

By Bob Francis
Mike Vick
Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

After OTAs, training camp, and four preseason games, we still don’t know much about the high-powered spread offense that the Philadelphia Eagles will run under new head coach Chip Kelly.

Why? Because we haven’t seen anything yet.

Although it looked much different than the Eagles of past years, the preseason didn’t really give any information as to just how good Philadelphia can be on the offensive side of the ball. Kelly kept things very vanilla on purpose. Many of the same looks came play after play throughout the preseason, making it easier for teams to defend and more difficult on those trying pick something out and gain an edge for the regular season.

As if it isn’t already hard enough to match up with and contain Michael Vick, LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson, now Kelly will find new ways to get the Philadelphia stars involved and provide them with new opportunities to improvise with in-game choices.

Kelly’s innovations will continue to morph as the season progresses, and his abstract mind will create new formations and looks that will toy with defenses. At this point, the best option that NFL teams have is to look at film of recent Oregon history, but will Kelly’s coveted offense really look the same with NFL superstar power behind it? Probably not.

Over the past few years, many teams in the league have made the attempt at implementing the newest ‘fad’ on offense. Be it the wildcat, pistol or whatever was coming around the bend, none have really made it a staple of their franchise. The Eagles will unveil a new regime of Philadelphia football on Monday night, something that will look unlike anything the NFL has seen to this point.

Mostly likely, they will start slow and release new versions with each passing week, but regardless, the offense could be something special to watch if everyone stays healthy.

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