Saints vs. Falcons Game Ball: Drew Brees

By Bob Francis
Drew Brees
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

In one of the premier matchups of Week 1 in the NFL, the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons took the field behind two of the league’s best quarterbacks knowing that only one could win. Both put on a display of confidence, pride and determination, but in the end, Drew Brees took the victory and game ball in Sean Payton’s return to coaching.

Brees did nothing too out of the ordinary for him, passing for 357 yards, 85 percent of the New Orleans offense, and two touchdowns on the way to a 23-17 divisional victory. As always, he simply took advantage of any and every opportunity he was given piling up passing yards, moving himself to seventh on the all-time list, and leading his offense with what seems like ease.

The smooth spiraling passes that are strewn around to his favorite receivers, always putting them in position to make a play and better the chances of the Saints, have become almost common in New Orleans.

His play was not without error as he did throw an interception, but his consistent play continues to establish him as one of the premier passers and leaders. He seems unstoppable at times, like he can choose any target he wishes and hit them in stride anywhere on the field. The precision with which he passes the ball, regardless of distance, is mesmerizing.

Brees has steadily made himself one of the NFL greats, no matter the opponent or importance of the game. He’s a no-brainer as a player to lead his franchise to repeated success, but is always a team guy. Keep your eye on Brees as the year progresses, because although this is his first game ball being the first game of the season, percentages would tell you that it won’t be his last.


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