Washington Redskins’ Robert Griffin III Will Lean on Teammates

By Michael Terrill
Washington Redskins’ Robert Griffin III Will Lean on Teammates
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

There might be plenty of speculation outside of the Washington Redskins organization whether quarterback Robert Griffin III will be ready to perform at a high-level on Monday Night Football. However, the coaches, players and fans believe that a healthy Griffin will be ready to take flight. Griffin is also not worried because he has witnessed the talent around him, which is why he will rely on his teammates to succeed in Week 1.

“I’ve just got to lean on my teammates,” Griffin said, according to Redskins.com. “We’ve got a lot of playmakers on this team, one that is directly behind me in Alfred Morris, so those guys will be ready to play.”

Whether Griffin’s injury will be a factor is still an unknown. The assumption is that he will still be rusty from not playing in a game since the beginning of the year, a playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks. However, that is something neither the quarterback nor his teammates can think about. The focus must be on the Philadelphia Eagles, not whether Griffin will be able to sustain any blows that are dealt.

“They know it will be my first game back. I think everyone is anticipating that I’ll be rusty, but that’s not the way I think. That’s just not how I’m built to think,” Griffin told Redskins.com. “Those guys know I’ll lean on them and I think they are ready to make plays.

“I think everybody is ready to go out and be explosive and be dynamic.”

It will be interesting to see how Griffin plays against the Eagles on Monday night with all eyes on him. Regardless, the contest does not look to be one that will disappoint.

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