Why Indianapolis Colts' Andrew Luck Is The Next Top QB

By EJ Mckinley
Thomas J. Russo- USA Today Sports

Andrew Luck had a great rookie season. But so did Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson. You can also throw in Colin Kaepernick even though it was his second season because it was his first season playing. However, there is one thing different about all of these young quarterbacks: Andrew Luck is the only one who will do better than the rest.

Luck didn’t have the flashiest stats like Kaepernick. He didn’t have the underdog story like Wilson. He wasn’t even close to being the special icon that Griffin was. But Luck is becoming the best. He is more complete than all of them. He’s a star who can play under the bright lights. He’s the kid who single-handedly revived a team and a city.

Griffin and Luck will forever be compared. They are the equivalent of the Peyton ManningRyan Leaf comparison, except both Griffin and Luck have had immense success in the NFL. The thing that will set Luck apart from Griffin is the fact that he is not only all around better, but not injury-plagued like Griffin.

Griffin is the Michael Vick that has the smarts and work ethic. In carrying similar, dominating physical traits, Griffin also carries the injury issues. He is tough, but will get injured a lot over the course of his career. This is going to set Luck ahead. Luck won’t struggle with injuries and once he is surrounded with a better supporting cast, his stats will be soar far above Griffin’s.

Griffin might be Luck’s closest competition, but Wilson made a strong case last season. Wilson is a quick thinker and physically gifted. Luck is too, but even more so. Luck is also far better mentally. This is something Wilson can’t match. I think we’ll see Wilson start making a lot more mistakes, while Luck will make fewer mistakes.

Kaepernick is a great talent, but Luck is simply better. Kaepernick is eventually going to get figured out by NFL defenses. He’s also going to struggle with injuries once he starts playing a full season. Luck will thrive no matter what offense he runs in.

Luck is going to keep getting better at lighting speed. The Indianapolis Colts will continue to build around him, and this will help him get even better. The rest of the super talented young quarterbacks are going to hit a lot more bumps in their development. Luck took all of his in his rookie season.

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